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Great people I've worked with...

I have had the benefit of working with, and for, a wide variety of people and businesses throughout my nearly 14 years of designing and taking photographs. These are the most notable... (in no particular order)

Ultimate Garage

A long time client of mine, starting with the previous owners and moving on to the new ones. Projects have included logo design, business ID, tradeshow materials and banners, vehicle signage, flyers, web assistance and product photography. See them if you want to take your garage to the next level.

Transform Your Garage NOW!

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Norwest Corp

Another longstanding client in the energy, mining and natural resources field. Projects have included their company newsletter, advertisements, email invitations, brochures and a few other odds and ends.

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They provide recycled and new home medical equipment to clients across the United States and Canada. I provide them with branding assistance, email marketing, flyers and mailouts, store and vehicle signage, and a variety of other things.
(View the Testimonial from SILVER CROSS)

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MEDIchair Ltd

My employer for nearly a dozen years, I cut my teeth as a designer doing a wide variety of large format and small format print projects, presentations, and web design and maintenance.

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Crystal Teardrop Inc. (and Don Somerville)

My friend first, my taskmaster later. Don is the reason that you see so many music artists in my lineup of clients. We are a fine example of the blurred line between business and pleasure.
(View Don Somerville's testimonial)

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Jessica Ridley

Jess and i have shared a pretty long road together. You'll find many elements with her picture on them, throughout this site. A great talent and an equally great person.

Visit Jess's website

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Drew Gregory

The greatest thing to come out of Standard, AB since... well... maybe ever. Drew and I have had almost as long a road together as Jess and I have and it's involved a whole variety of stuff, including three albums and everything that goes with them. Always a joy to work with, Drew and his manager, Angie (Siromma Entertainment) are just "good people".
(View Drew's testimonial)

Check out Drew's website and music here.

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The Pointman

The new (but not so new) client in the fold. We've worked together before under a different guise, but this one is looking to take our relationship to the next level. If you drive, and you live in the Calgary area... you owe it to yourself to know what this guy can do for you.
(View "The Pointman" testimonial)

Don't wait... go to the website!

Twelve Two Counselling

A couselling service in Calgary. Projects have included logo development, business cards and website.

Visit Twelve Two Counselling

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Darren Harmon

Darren and I have worked on a few different projects together, his music career and an online video project website. We've done merchandise, CD projects, and a variety of other promotional things.

Visit Harmon online

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Steve Archer

It's been a joy working with Steve over the years, musically and otherwise. Singing next to this man is always a special event for me.

Visit "The Archers" on Facebook

Michala Todd

A very talented young lady from the Toronto area. Projects have included CD portfolio, banner displays and merchandise.

Visit Michala's Website

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Michael I Kassner

Mike gave me my first novel layout project. A very interesting individual with a great story to tell.

Visit the Hundred Days site.

Glenmore Christian Academy

A Christian alternative school in south Calgary. Projects included logo development, advertisements, banners and graphics for the gymnasium.

Visit the GCA site

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Life Meets Reality

Cindy Martin is a great lady with a really cool service to offer. We've worked on websites, logos and business cards and are just launching into a new web project together.

Visit Life Meets Reality

Sales Tip a Day (Chris Hamilton)

Watching this guy take an SEO specialist through his paces was a thing of beauty. This guy really knows what he's talking about... and he's a pretty darn quality guy to boot.

Visit Sales Tip a Day