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Logos + Business Branding

The process of helping businesses come up with their overall look... usually beginning with the business logo, is one of my favorite things to do.

Logo created for Twelve Two Counselling in Calgary (www.http://twelvetwocounselling.com) Logo for Ashford Insurance Services in Calgary. Promotional logo created for Drew Gregory. Left side for merchandise and right side 3D version for web. (www.drewgregorymusic.com) The Jessica Ridley logo with a bit of window dressing to be used on her website (www.jessicaridley.com) A logo for the online video series, Magnum Force. A special task force fighting injustices within the music industry. MegaWest Energy Logo Performance Flooring Logo. A sub company of Ultimate Garage, the objective of this logo was to look similar but not quite the same as its parent logo. (www.ultimategarage.ca) A promotional logo for a Darren Harmon song called "Red" to coincide with the Vancouver Olympic Games. (www.harmonband.com) Logo for a music company comprised of three music executives. "Three parts make the whole (hole... get it?)". The Ultimate Garage Logo. Designed to give a nod to designs on classic 70's muscle cars. (www.ultimategarage.ca) Logo for music manager, writer and performer, Don Somerville. (www.crystalteardropinc.com) Logo for an independent custom jewellery maker. visual lightbox alternative by VisualLightBox.com v5.7m

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