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The longer I work in this business, the less I believe to be true. Over the course of my time as a designer, I've lied to people hundreds of times. Putting products and people on backgrounds, removing elements to de-clutter a photograph, using several photos to get that "perfect" family shot. There are times, when it's pretty obvious that reality has been stretched in a photograph, but the ones in which I take the greatest joy are when people just accept it to be fact. So the next time you'ld like a family photo in the jungles of Africa, but you're stuck in Winnipeg, Manitoba... give me a call.

A pleasant family photo shot on a beautiful  frosty day... or is it? The hardest part of this shot was getting her to let me light her hair on fire. We waited such a long time for just the right moment to get this shot. Yup... Jessica Ridley... nope... not her hands. The ultimate SILVER CROSS service vehicle. Nope, she's not on a highway... nope it's not night, nope... there's not a cactus in sight. Pretty much a complete lie, really. visual lightbox alternative by VisualLightBox.com v5.7m

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