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All You Need is Love (da da da da da)...

Special thanks to these great clients who voiced their opinions about working with me over the years (um... your cheque's in the mail...)

"I have contracted Tim for two major web design projects over the past few years and have found his work to be more than a cut above the rest. His process is to absorb as much knowledge as possible about my industry then produce a unique, powerful SEO saturated site. I've worked with web designers of all stripes over the past 20 years and have no hesitation saying that Tim has exceeded my expectations at every level."

Randall Boyd Hicks "The Pointman"


"I have worked with Tim over the past 5 years and have always been very impressed by his work. It is rare to find one person for photography, website design, CD design, and graphic design and have them be as skilled as Tim at each. He continues to up his game every time we work together and always blows me away with what he can come up with. I look forward to working with Tim for years to come!"

Drew Gregory


“For the past decade, my company and a vast array of clients within have come away from the Jusferfunz experience, extremely satisfied with the sense of originality, level of skill set and customization, and timely delivery in which it was all packaged. Tim Martens doesn't believe that one size fits all… rather he will always work tirelessly above and beyond to find your fit. And consequently he causes your brand and his reputation to stand out significantly from the competition.”

Don Somerville - President/CEO Crystal Teardrop Inc.


“He drives cars crazy... I like that.”

Lukas Martens (my youngest son)

“I have had the pleasure of working with Tim Martens over the past few years and have found his services to be quick and efficient and his marketing pieces to be very intuitive, informative, creative and educational. Tim has a keen knack for understanding the target market and designing pieces appropriately. I always appreciate Tim's sincere desire to listen to the marketing goal and to enhance our branding.”

Joannie Rell - Director of Franchise Operations, SILVER CROSS